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USB 3.0 TF card 高速读卡器,尺寸更小,更精致。
USB 3.0 TF card reader beter and slim size
Becarfull the side of the OTG converter if you are using it.

支持格式 ( support format ):SDSC,SDHC,SDXC(最大支持2TB),SD 3.0 UHS-I(UItra High Speed);SDR12/SDR25/SDR50/DDR50/SDR104
产品型号( Modle ) :CRMS001
规格认证 certs:FCC ,CE,ROHS
外壳材料 materia :ABS
文件系统 file format:FAT12/16/32,exFAT,NTFS,MAC,SDA
操作系统 OS:Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows Win7,Mac X10.3.x+
工作电压 Volt:2.7V-3.6V
电力消耗 A: 500mA
操作温度 Temp:0°C-°45C(32°F-103°F)
尺寸 Size:33(L)*16(W)*8(H)mm
重量 weight:5g
USB3.0 fast speed transmission, USB interface is well known, it provides sufficient bandwidth for a variety of devices and applications. However, with high-definition video, TB (1000GB) storage device level, up gigapixel digital camera, high-capacity phone and portable media players appeared, higher bandwidth and transmission speed has become a must.

USB 3.0是最新的USB规范,(又被称为SuperSpeed USB),该规范由英特尔、微软、NEC、德州仪器等大公司发起制定。USB3.0将现有2.0接口传输速度提升10倍,并向下兼容USB2.0和USB1.1设备。USB3.0的理论最高数据传输率为5Gb/S,USB2.0的理论最高数据传输率为480Mb/s。在USB已成为电子产品必备接口的今天,USB2.0面临被淘汰的命运,几乎所有USB接口设备都将走向3.0的升级之路。

USB 3.0 is the latest USB specification, (also known as SuperSpeed USB), the specification by the big companies as Intel, Microsoft, NEC, Texas Instruments launched to develop. The existing 2.0 USB3.0 interface transfer speed is increased by 10 times, backward compatible with USB2.0 and USB1.1 devices. USB3.0 theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 5Gb / S, USB2.0 theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 480Mb / s. USB has become the electronic products in the required interfaces today, USB2.0 facing the fate of being eliminated almost all USB devices will be upgraded to 3.0

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